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German Motors has factory trained, ASE, and NATEF certified technicians with an extensive range of expertise for a wide range of services. German Motors comprises factory approved replacement (OEM) parts, advanced technicians, professional tools, and updated diagnostic equipment to ensure your complaint is addressed and your vehicle is repaired to the highest standards.

It’s frustrating when there is a clunk in the front end of your C280 and your local alignment shop cannot find the issue. There may be an unnerving vibration or an SBC Brake message coming from your E350 or E500. Has the inconceivable whine turned into a growling headache on you CLS or other Kompressor model? If you’re worried about a transmission not shifting properly in your ML350 you have found the right place.

When your vehicle comes to our shop it deserves a comprehensive approach to any situation, whether we are changing a simple bulb or performing invasive engine repair. As a Mercedes Benz owner and German Motors customer you can expect us to take the extra step to go above and beyond other service providers.


  • Antenna systems.
  • Mercedes-Benz sound system wiring and component installation.
  • All Mercedes-Benz Original Equipment ("OE"), including bumpers, step rails, fog lights.
  • Trailer Hitch Installation / 3rd Passenger Seat Installation / Mud Flap Installation - ask about any other additional accessory installation options for your Mercedes-Benz.

Air Intake

  • Kompressor Supercharge systems.
  • Inspect air delivery systems including air filters, air pump assemblies (if applicable), air mass sensors (if applicable) and vacuum systems.
  • Diagnosis, replacement and/or cleaning of necessary components.

Body Electrical

  • Version coding of new control modules.
  • Instrument Clusters - failures diagnosed and gauges repaired or replaced if necessary, light bulbs replaced.
  • Exterior Lighting - wiring failures diagnosed and repaired; switch, bulb, assembly, fuse and lens replacement, as necessary.
  • Xenon headlamps - diagnosis and repair.
  • Interior Lighting - wiring failures diagnosed and repaired; switch, bulb, assembly, fuses and lens replacement, as necessary.
  • Windshield and Headlamp Wiper and Washer Systems - motor, blade or insert, nozzle, pump, reservoir, grommet, and cap replacement, as necessary.
  • Cruise Control - diagnosis of failures; repairs and/or component replacement as necessary, including amplifiers and switches.
  • ATA (anti-theft alarm) Systems.
  • Heated Seat Systems. Power Seat Systems.
  • Power Soft-top Systems. Power Sun Shade Systems.
  • Horn - Optical and Sound.

Body Mechanical and Trim

  • SRS (supplemental restraint system), if applicable - Diagnosis and repair.
  • Door and Truck - Latches, locks, closing assist, seals, checks replaced, vacuum system diagnosis and repair, including element and valve replacement.
  • Trim and Emblems - all emblem and marking replacement, including wheel center caps, grill assemblies and molding.
  • Hood - pad and latch replacement; release cables, handles, straps, shocks and buffer replacement.
  • Exterior and Interior Mirror - repair if possible, or replacement of glass, switches, motors or assemblies, if necessary.
  • Seats - adjustment switches, cables and knob replacement.
  • Windows - glass, motor, regulator and switch replacement.
  • Lighter/Power Port - Wiring repair; fuse and element replacement if necessary.
  • Sunroof Repairs.


German Motors - Lakewood | Auto Repair | Image 2

  • BAS (brake assist systems), Diagnosis and repair.
  • SBC (sensitronic brake control) - Diagnosis and repair.
  • ABS (anti-lock braking system) - Diagnosis and repair including cables, control units, replays and sensors.
  • Pads and Sensors - Replacement with Mercedes-Benz pads for your particular model. Brake wear warning sensors also replaced.
  • Rotors & Calipers - brake rotors replaced, along with wheel bearing repack and reseal if applicable; brake calipers rebuilt if possible or replaced as necessary.
  • Brake Fluid - change fluid throughout system, clean reservoir and replace caps if indicated.
  • Brake Hoses - inspected and replaced as necessary.
  • Parking Brake - cables and shoes replaced as necessary, adjustments performed.

Climate Control

  • Heating & Air Conditioning - diagnosis, repair and recharge of R12 and 134A systems, including replacement of temperature sensors, blower motors, compressors, condensers, switches, evaporators, expansion valves, hoses, O-rings, receiver-driers, caps and filters, mono-valves, vacuum and electrical flap actuators.
  • Climate Control Units - diagnosis of failure and replacement if necessary.
  • Heater - core, hose and motor replacement if necessary.


  • Master and Slave Cylinder - bleeding or replacement as necessary.
  • Disc, Throw-out Bearing, Flywheel and Ring Gear - replaced as required.
  • Manual transmission repair.

Cooling System

  • Overheating Problems - Diagnosis and repair.
  • Pressure Test -- entire cooling system to locate leaks or failed components.
  • Accessory Belts - belt, pulley, tensioner or damper replacement, if necessary.
  • Auxiliary Cooling Fan - diagnosis and repair of failures, including auxiliary water pump and fan assembly, sensor, belt or resistor replacement.
  • Engine Temperature - sensor replacement or gauge repair as necessary.
  • Cooling Fan - blade, pulley, clutch, bracket and/or shroud replacement.
  • Expansion Tank (Reservoir) - hose, cap, plug and tank replacement as necessary.
  • Radiator - repair on earlier models, or replacement as necessary.
  • Hoses - evaluated and replaced as necessary, including all radiator, by-pass, expansion tank and heater hoses and clamps.
  • Thermostat - testing and replacement as necessary.
  • Water Pump - testing and replacement as necessary.

Drive Belts

  • Multi-Rib Belts and Tensioners (If Applicable) - inspection and replacement of mono (serpentine ) belt and/or tensioner when failure is possible. Supercharger belts are inspected and replaced as necessary on Kompressor models.
  • V-Belts - all v-belts (if applicable) in engine compartment are inspected and replaced as required, including auxiliary fan, water pump, alternator, air pump, power steering and air compressor belts.

Driveshaft & Axle

  • Flex Discs - front and rear flex discs evaluated and replaced as necessary.
  • Driveshaft - bushings, support (carrier), support-bearing and boot replacement as needed.
  • Wheel Bearings and Seals - evaluation, repack or replacement as required.
  • CV Joints & Boots - evaluated and replaced as necessary.

Engine Electrical

  • Check Engine Electronics Fault Display, if applicable. Diagnosis and repair of affected systems.
  • Charging System - tested to diagnose failures and insure proper repair.
  • Alternator - replacement as necessary.
  • Ignition System - diagnosis of failures and replacement of necessary components
  • Starting System - diagnosis and repair, including replacement of ignition cylinders and switches or starter motors, if necessary.
  • Voltage Regulator - diagnosis and replacement as necessary.
  • Wiring Harness - diagnosis of failures and repair if possible; or replacement as necessary.

German Motors - Lakewood | Auto Repair | Image 3

Engine Mechanical

  • Cylinder Head Gasket Replacement - accurate diagnosis of head gasket failure, reliable evaluation of affected components, pinpoint estimates for repair, experienced disassembly and reassembly.
  • Engine Mounts - regular inspection and replacement if failed.
  • Exhaust and Intake Manifold Gaskets - diagnosis of leaks or failures and replacement if necessary.
  • Exhaust and Intake Valves - diagnosis of failures occurring within the valve train, expert disassembly and evaluation, excellent machining services, if necessary, pinpoint estimates of all labor and part expenses, experienced reassembly and testing. Other concerns may include valve stem seal fatigue, valve guide wear, damaged caused by timing chain system failures.
  • Oil Services - use of engine oil vacuum extraction system, replacement of filter with Mercedes-Benz filters or equivalent, thorough 32-point vehicle inspection (see Service Philosophy Section).
  • Oil Pan - damage evaluation and replacement or resealing, which is necessary.
  • Seals - accurate rating and recording of leakage severity and sources, recommended and customer-approved repairs performed.
  • Timing Chain - service advice on Mercedes-Benz recommended replacement intervals, measurement of chain slack and evaluation of tensioner performance, accurate estimates of replacement costs.


  • Major System Components - reliable and regular inspection of catalytic converters, resonators and mufflers, replacement as necessary with OE parts or their equivalent.
  • Hangers, Brackets, Flanges and Clamps - regular inspection and replacement as required to prolong the life of the exhaust system.
  • EGR System and Air Pumps.

Fuel Delivery

  • Fuel Pumps - evaluated and replaced, if necessary.
  • Leaks - located and repaired.
  • Fuel Tank - removal and cleaning if possible, replacement if necessary.
  • Gauge & Sending Units - repaired or replaced, whichever is required.
  • Caps - all Mercedes-Benz styles in stock for immediate replacement.
  • Filters - replaced at recommended service intervals.
  • EVAP Systems leak tested and repaired.

Fuel Injection

  • Check Engine Light warning, if applicable, related to fuel delivery - Diagnosis and repair.
  • Accelerator Pedals - replaced when necessary.
  • Air, Altitude, Oxygen, Water and Oil Temperature Sensors - failures diagnosed and component replaced as necessary.
  • Cold Start - system failures diagnosed and repaired as necessary.
  • EHA (Electro Hydraulic Actuator) System - failures diagnosed and valve or seal replacement available, as necessary.
  • Fuel Distribution - distributor and injector operation evaluated; cleaning and/or replacement available as required, fuel pressure tests performed, regulators and valves replaced as necessary, idle control valves replaced.
  • Throttle Actuator failures and drive-ability problems.
  • Fuel Injection Control Unit, if applicable - Diagnosis and repair.
  • Throttle Cables, Linkage and Switches - regularly cleaned and lubricated as necessary, failures diagnosed and repaired.


  • SPS (speed-sensitive power steering) if applicable - Diagnosis and repair.
  • Idler Arm - inspected regularly and repaired or replaced as necessary.
  • Power Steering - reservoir fluid level checked regularly, leaks evaluated and severity and sources recorded, gear boxes rebuilt, pumps resealed, hoses, seals and gaskets replaced as necessary, the system is serviced at Mercedes-Benz recommended intervals or when fluid condition indicates it is necessary.
  • Tie Rod Assemblies - left and right tie rod assemblies, as well as center draglink inspected regularly and replaced when fatigued.
  • Alignments - performed off-site when required by certain steering or suspension component replacement or when indicated by tire wear patterns.
  • Rack & Pinion -- repairs and/or replacements performed.
  • Steering Noise - buzzing, cracking, squeaking - Diagnosis and repair.


  • Airmatic Suspension Systems - Diagnosis and repair.
  • ABC (active body control), if applicable - Diagnosis and repair.
  • Balljoints and/or Control Arms - inspected at regular intervals, replaced as necessary; control arm bushings are replaced when possible.
  • Springs and Shocks - evaluated and replaced as necessary, spring may be shimmed when required.
  • Sway Bar - brackets, bushings and links regularly inspected and replaced when fatigued.
  • Sub-frame Mounts - inspected regularly and replaced when collapsed.
  • Trailing Arms - inspected and replaced when bent; bushings inspected and replaced as needed.
  • Rear Hydraulic Level Control System - Diagnosis and repair.

Tools & Manuals

  • All Mercedes-Benz tools and manuals supplied with your vehicle can be replaced in case of thief or misplacement, including first-aid kits.

Transfer Cases, Differentials, 4-Matics & Traction Systems

  • ESP (electronic stability program), if applicable - Diagnosis and repair.
  • ASR (acceleration slip regulation), if applicable - Diagnosis and repair.
  • Inspection and Evaluation - regular inspection for leaks and performance evaluations.


  • ETC (electronic transmission control), if applicable - Diagnosis and repair.
  • Electronic Shifter Selection Module, if applicable - Diagnosis and repair.
  • Cooling Hoses and Mounts - inspected regularly and replaced as necessary.
  • Linkage & Switches - inspected and lubricated regularly, bushings replaced, adjustments available for proper shifter positioning, neutral safety switches replaced when necessary.
  • Fluid, Seals, Filters and Gaskets - transmissions are serviced at recommended Mercedes-Benz intervals or when fluid condition indicates the need; leaks are regularly evaluated and source and severity is recorded, resealing is available when necessary.
  • Performance - regularly evaluated; valve and cable adjustments are made when possible, severe transmission performance failures may indicate rebuilding or replacement with new or remanufactured Mercedes-Benz components.


Mercedes Benz service, diagnostic & repair specialists.

Service A and Service B

What’s included in a Mercedes-Benz recommended A or B service?


Our certified technicians have been trained at the dealer level and attend a variety of accredited training seminars and workshops annually.


We continually invest in high-quality equipment to properly service your Mercedes Benz.

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