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Mercedes-Benz Service A and Service B

At some point in time, your Mercedes-Benz will need to have a Scheduled service preformed. Many vehicles now have a system integrated into it, called "FSS" which stands for "Flexible Service System". FSS was introduced in 1998 to help monitor when your vehicle is due for servicing. An algorithm calculates oil level, oil condition, engine speed, engine temperature, distance driven, and time since the last reset of the FSS indicator. Prior to your vehicle needing service, a maintenance indicator message will come up in the instrument cluster. This message may be displayed as a set of wrenches that temporarily replaces the odometer reading on startup, or displays "Service A Due" or "Service B Due" in the information display in the instrument cluster.

Starting in 2003 “FSS” began to be phased out and a more accurate and reliable Service indicator was put into place, "ASSYST PLUS". All models 2006 and newer now have "ASSYST PLUS." This new service indicator shares the same principles its predecessor did, however, with the "ASSYST PLUS" system, the services are divided “A” through “F” depending on what service items are recommended for your Mercedes-Benz. The service message will be displayed in the instrument cluster on startup, prior to the service needing to be performed.

So what do all of these service letters mean?

For vehicles with standard "FSS" service items are as follows:

Mercedes-Benz Service A

"Service A" is a minor inspection. This includes oil and filter change and resetting the maintenance indicator. In addition, an inspection of the brakes, battery, tires, operation of the entire wiper and washer system, interior and exterior vehicle illumination, operation of the hood releases and laches, and steering components including power steering components is performed.

Mercedes-Benz Service B

"Service B" consists of all the components of "Service A", but also includes inspection of the seat belt operation, visual inspection of all suspension components for wear or damage, further identification of any leaks, including hose damage, lubrication of throttle cables and components where applicable and inspection of the engine belts, pulleys and related components.

For vehicles with "Assyst Plus" the "Service A" and "Service B" are essentially the same. The "C” through “F” services simply have additional inspections or service items that may be needed.

Inspection Items will vary depending on year, model, mileage, and options on your Mercedes. Service items can include engine air filters (every 40,000 miles or as needed), transmission services (at 39,000 miles), brake fluid flushes (every 2 years), among other items. If your Mercedes-Benz has a diesel engine equipped with Bluetec, the AdBlue tank is topped off at each service.

We have vehicle service sheets for your specific model and year upon request. We would be happy to provide an individualized service report and answer any questions about what services are recommended for your particular mileage.

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